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1-Day, Open, Essential Sales Skills Workshop on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

The workshop will be a for a maximum of 12 people and will cover: Recognising and using universal principles of persuasion Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.  How can we ensure we’re not ‘salesy’ and instead, get people to buy? Your ‘natural’ persuasion style – what is your style and […]


On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to be confident when we’re selling? If you scored anything less than 7 (but you should have given it 10), get out of sales / sales management and go and work in accounts where they don’t let you talk to people because until you understand why […]

Losing sales on ‘price’?

Question: How can you win new contracts / orders when your competitors are trying to win on ‘price’ – because ‘price’ is where they’re strong and you’re not? Answer: You / your people have to be better at selling ‘value’ than your competition is at selling on price.   The bad news? Selling on price […]

Have you got it?

Perhaps one of the most least talked about qualities a person needs to become as good as they can be and build a successful career in selling is the ability to laugh at themselves.

“People Buy People”

“People buy people”. No doubt you’ve heard that expression. And many people believe that that means, get someone to like you and they’ll buy from you. Well it’s true that if someone doesn’t like you they almost certainly WON’T buy from you. But you see how I originally heard it was “People buy people first […]

To Sales Directors

What do you consider is the best thing you can do for your sales team? Set targets? Kick ass? Shout and scream when targets aren’t hit? Give them great incentives and rewards? Well, according to research, none of those things will help your team as much as finding ways to develop their sales skills. Developing […]

It’s not what you know ….

….it’s what you DO with what you know that will bring in new business.  “People buy people” is an expression that most interpret as meaning people need to like us before they’ll buy from us. And that’s true, unless we’re spending a small amount of money. For example, it’s not important whether we trust the […]

“People buy people first”. So what?

I guess almost everyone in sales knows the expression “People buy people first” right? But it’s not what we know that’s important; it’s what we DO with what we know that will bring in sales. Let’s take “People buy people first” as an easy example. Do you agree with that expression? No really – do YOU agree that […]

“If it ‘don’t’ get measured, it ‘don’t’ get done

If you’re running a sales team, measuring their results (e.g. number and value of sales made) is something you’ll no doubt do. But that if that’s all you measure, you’re missing the most valuable information that you need if you’re going to improve your team’ skills, results and your company’s bottom line. To do that, you […]

GP or Specialist?

If you’re selling a product which (on paper) can be sold to a huge range of prospects e.g. financial services, trying to sell to them all makes you the equivalent of a GP (doctor). If you’ve got a medical need, who would you rather get advice from, a GP or a Specialist? I’ll assume you […]

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