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The Secret To Successful Sales

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Selling is a skill

“We brought Austen into our business for the first time this year. The brief was to inject some structure to our account management teams and give them some confidence to have more sales conversations. My goodness how he delivered!

Even during difficult trading conditions, the team are on fire right now with a renewed sense of purpose and self belief that I haven't seen before. Thanks again Austen, we will have you back again very soon and you are right; sales is a skill!”

Here Is What’s On Offer In The Next Video

  • Expert Sales Insight

    To help you view your current sales approach and strategies that you employ in your business in a whole new light.

  • How To Make Sales Based On Value

    Key insights that you need to make valuable sales that benefit both your business as well as your clients.

  • The Power of “No”

    And how it can completely revolutionise your team’s approach to sales and transform your staff’s ability to close a deal.

  • What Makes A Good Salesperson

    With a powerful combination of the right mindset, advanced skill set and proven strategies and techniques, you can optimise and refine your sales team’s approach to work.

  • The Hyperfocus Mindset

    How being in the right frame of mind can have a wave of positive impact on your team’s approach to sales with the right thought process and techniques.


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Having attended many sales presentations over my 30 years in sales and marketing in both the private and voluntary sector, the difference with Austen is that he doesn’t just talk about the theory – he tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful.  He gives practical and easy to remember examples which really work!  He is engaging and motivating and encourages you to challenge yourself.

Jackie Crombie - Manager Greggs Foundation

“Austen is the real deal and lives by what he trains other to do, which is to persuading customers to buy with integrity. His training courses are extremely thought provoking, live in the real world and have certainly help me to evaluate and change certain behaviours and processes. The margin between success and failure is often small and Austen really helps salespeople and managers alike to gain an advantage by selling professionally and with a purpose.”


“I've hired Austen 4 or 5 times over the last couple of years to work with our sales team. Each time he comes with great ideas, engages the team fully and generally makes it a fun and enjoyable process and each time we leave with a more skilled & capable sales team.

To top it off Austen is always available on the phone for a chat to discuss new ideas for our business and often comes back to me with referrals, introductions & ideas to help grow my business just because he can.

If you're looking for sales training he's you guy 100%!”


"I've known Austen for a little while and I've recently had the pleasure of working with him to improve the Giacom Sales team account management skills. Whilst Giacom have a great Sales team, he quickly highlighted where we could improve and sharpen up especially in a period of huge growth.

Immediately following our first session we knew that Austen's insightful approach worked perfectly and has provided far greater results than was expected. I personally look forward to working with Austen more in future!"

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