“If it ‘don’t’ get measured, it ‘don’t’ get done

If you’re running a sales team, measuring their results (e.g. number and value of sales made) is something you’ll no doubt do. But that if that’s all you measure, you’re missing the most valuable information that you need if you’re going to improve your team’ skills, results and your company’s bottom line.

To do that, you need to be measuring your team’s ‘activity’ e.g. how many prospects did they meet with, how many did they present / demo to, how may did they submit a proposal to?

With that sort of information you can now start to get an idea as to who has the skills, who is ‘burning’ prospects. and who needs help. For example: you may have 2 sales people (Janet and Peter) who each made 10 sales, each with a total value of £25,000. But if  Janet met with 20 prospects and Peter met with 50 to generate those sales, it would seem that Janet is doing something Peter isn’t and or she has more skill. It’s only because you’ve measured their activity that you can now investigate and find out what it is that Janet is doing (or that Peter isn’t). Once you know that, you’re on the road to being able to help Peter work less and sell more.

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