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Skill or effort?

How do you know how effective your sales team is if you don’t measure what they do as well as their results? If you only measure the results (i.e. sales) you might know that Bob usually sells twice as much as Janet. But what if you measured what they did as well as their results […]


We’re doing  some research with buyers (B2B) in which one of the many questions we ask is “Why did you buy from one company over and above the other companies that you met with?” and one word that keeps coming out is “reassurance”. One buyer said “They were just very good at ‘holding our hand’ […]

Is it the price?

In my experience as a customer it’s not usually me who raises the issue of ‘price’, it’s almost always the person selling to me who does that. Some recent research conducted with customers and sellers came lots of interesting info but for all you salespeople who think you’d sell more if only the price of […]

iCan Seminars

Never heard of them? Check them out at If you don’t live close enough to come along to one of them, why not do run one yourself in your area?

Want some help?

If you want people to help you (recommend you, endorse you, write a testimonial for you) then you need to create the habit of helping others in business. What if you haven’t seen examples of their work and don’t know them well enough to be able to do any of the above? Then make a […]

Want more referrals?

When someone gives you a referral, they’re trying to help you. Whilst you might thank them, that’s not enough. When someone gives you a referral, they’ll want to know if their help has been helpful. So let them know how you get on. And even if it doesn’t lead directly to business, if possible, give […]

In case you haven’t read the testimonials, here’s one….

I thought I had a good handle on sales and how to make them but your session has blown all of my pre-conceived ideas away and shown how I can increase my sales by building a proven process into my approach and understanding where I am in that process at all times. Alan Davison Managing […]

Essential Sales Skills Workshop, November 24th, Lincoln, England

Want to enhance your sales skills? How about improving your: Ability to build the value of your product / service in the mind of your potential client? Understanding as to how to use ‘features’ properly? Skill in reducing the number of ‘objections’ you get? Understanding as to how to use your sales style to best effect? […]


We’re hosting a #Mysterybreaking Sales Skills open workshop this week at the fabulous Washingborough Hotel in Lincoln. Don’t get in touch because we’ve no places left! If you want to put your name on the list for the next one, we’d love to hear from you. Email

Just a thought…

There’s only one thing that brings money in to your business – SALES!!! SALES pay for the salaries, the cars, the various insurances, the company website, the marketing in fact everything. How much have you invested in the last 12 months in training your people to sell?

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