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Want a pipeline that actually moves?
Better conversion rates?
D’you want more sales made on VALUE and not price?
Start by developing the sales skills of your people.

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Selling is a skill

“We brought Austen into our business for the first time this year. The brief was to inject some structure to our account management teams and give them some confidence to have more sales conversations. My goodness how he delivered!

Even during difficult trading conditions, the team are on fire right now with a renewed sense of purpose and self belief that I haven't seen before. Thanks again Austen, we will have you back again very soon and you are right; sales is a skill!”



Wishing and hoping for better sales results won’t make it happen...

Enhancing the sales skills of your people will

Discover proven strategies which can help you unlock the potential within your team.

So first of all, what makes a good salesperson?

Understanding this question is key in becoming the salesperson you’re capable of being. Why? Because (and it’s an expression you may know), ‘people buy people first’.

A good salesperson asks questions to truly understand their prospective customer’s situation, challenges and needs before making any suggestions as to what the solution might be. 


  • Asking questions sounds easy

    It’s not. It takes various skills. For example, skill to build a relationship so the prospective customer trusts you, skill to ask the right questions, skill to listen (really listen) to the prospective customer, skill to offer a solution and make it so attractive that the customer doesn’t need to be ‘pushed’, they want to buy.  

  • Most sales people ‘know’ a lot about selling

    But most salespeople underperform. Why? Because it’s not what you know, it's what you do with what you know that makes the difference in selling.

    A good salesperson is constantly working to hone their skills, to be the best there is, and to use all available resources.

  • And it’s that very mindset

    Which enables people to build successful careers in sales - they gain a hyper-focus on their targets and goals, and with the supportive guidance of a coach, they can ensure they’re always on track to get there no matter what situation arises.

I should be selling more than I am, I’m tired of not getting results I know I’m capable of

Sound familiar?

Daily calls; quarterly goals; yearly targets… with sales, the list goes on, and without a proper system in place, managing it all can make work exhausting and for some… daunting. So many people hold back from jumping into sales because they think they’re going to have to ‘plead’ or push to make a sale, but I’ll let you in on a secret, if you sell it right, people will want to buy, no pleading or pushing needed.


Yet it’s these preconceived notions of what sales is that holds so many people back from pursuing any attempts to effectively further their skill sets in the field. I’ve met so many people who’ve experienced sales training that’s left them motivated… for a day and a half, and then they fall back into the old habits.

With me, things don’t work like that.  



Because you will be equipped with the tools you need to ensure you get results because they have been tried once, twice and a thousand times over to make sure they’re something that can be consistently implemented, applied and reinforced in everyday working life.

In other words, this is insight you simply can’t afford to miss.

Sales Essentials
Selling Is A Skill
Virtual Course

Join Austen for on-demand training that is available 24/7. From 'preparation' to telephone prospecting, from networking to closing the sale and beyond. Gain vital insights that will develop your sales skills or those of your team and will provide a new perspective on how to approach the whole sales process.

Sales Essentials
Group / Corporate Sales Training

Sales skills workshops available over 1 to 5 days, depending on the needs of your sales team. (Minimum of 6 people in any workshop).

Sales Essentials
1-to-1 Coaching

Covering every aspect of selling, the 1-to-1 coaching I provide is tailored to your specific needs, and we can start from the very basic to the more subtle aspects of sales.

Sales Essentials
Open, Essential Sales Skills Workshops

Exclusively available in both March & October for a maximum of 12 delegates, this 2-day workshop will show you exactly what you need to do to become an exceptional salesperson.


Trusted by Business Owners & Sales Pro's


Having attended many sales presentations over my 30 years in sales and marketing in both the private and voluntary sector, the difference with Austen is that he doesn’t just talk about the theory – he tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful.  He gives practical and easy to remember examples which really work!  He is engaging and motivating and encourages you to challenge yourself.

Jackie Crombie - Manager Greggs Foundation

“Austen is the real deal and lives by what he trains other to do, which is to persuading customers to buy with integrity. His training courses are extremely thought provoking, live in the real world and have certainly help me to evaluate and change certain behaviours and processes. The margin between success and failure is often small and Austen really helps salespeople and managers alike to gain an advantage by selling professionally and with a purpose.”


“I've hired Austen 4 or 5 times over the last couple of years to work with our sales team. Each time he comes with great ideas, engages the team fully and generally makes it a fun and enjoyable process and each time we leave with a more skilled & capable sales team.

To top it off Austen is always available on the phone for a chat to discuss new ideas for our business and often comes back to me with referrals, introductions & ideas to help grow my business just because he can.

If you're looking for sales training he's you guy 100%!”


"I've known Austen for a little while and I've recently had the pleasure of working with him to improve the Giacom Sales team account management skills. Whilst Giacom have a great Sales team, he quickly highlighted where we could improve and sharpen up especially in a period of huge growth.

Immediately following our first session we knew that Austen's insightful approach worked perfectly and has provided far greater results than was expected. I personally look forward to working with Austen more in future!"

Develop Your Team's Sales Skills

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Are You Ready To Upskill Your Sales Team?

Develop Your Team's Sales Skills

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Are You Ready To Upskill Your Sales Team?

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