“People buy people first”. So what?

I guess almost everyone in sales knows the expression “People buy people first” right? But it’s not what we know that’s important; it’s what we DO with what we know that will bring in sales.

Let’s take “People buy people first” as an easy example. Do you agree with that expression? No really – do YOU agree that “People buy people first”? Can’t change your mind from this point. I’m going to assume you said “Yes”. If the expression is true, (I believe it is), are you, like me, puzzled as to why do so many people in selling, (including those with titles such as Sales or Business Development Director, Sales or Business Development Manager, National Sales Manager, Regional Business Development Director) who will happily tell you that “People buy people first” have a personal profile on a business networking site (e.g. LinkedIn) but have chosen not to display a photo of themselves? Surely that’s the equivalent of going to a networking meeting / business expo / with a bag on their head isn’t it?

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