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Price or Profit?

A ‘little bit’ pregnant?

Do your sales know everything about selling?

If you can’t laugh at yourself, get out of sales as quickly as you can

Great working with Boulder Developments & Orisel

Is your company ‘killing the sale’?

Is your company killing the sale for your sales people and account managers? Attention to detail. Is that important to your clients? I’ll take your answer as a “Yes” You make it extremely difficult for your sales people if, for example, your company website has errors on it. And how can you expect your sales […]


Would you buy from someone you didn’t trust? I wouldn’t. That makes the trustworthiness of your sales people very, very important right? And here’s the thing – a prospect won’t tell your salesperson that it is lack of trust in them that has cost them the sale. Instead they’ll give them another reason for not […]

Losing sales on price?

How Do Your Sales People Say “No” ?

Do your sales people know how to tell a prospect (who wants to do business with your company) that they don’t want the prospect’s business? My experience is that 99% of those in charge of sales teams never have that conversation with their team. And yet….when I realised (because nobody told me) that I could […]

1-Day, Essential Sales Skills Workshop

Want to enhance your sales skills? I’m running my 1-Day Essential Sales Skills Workshop in: In Lincoln on Thursday, Sept 20th In Hull on Tuesday, Sept 25th Max of 12 delegates on each workshop (These are my last 1-day workshops in 2018.) Content will include: Universal principles of persuasion / influence and how to use […]

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Develop Your Team's Sales Skills

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Are You Ready To Upskill Your Sales Team?

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