1-Day, Essential Sales Skills Workshop

Want to enhance your sales skills? I’m running my 1-Day Essential Sales Skills Workshop in:

  • In Lincoln on Thursday, Sept 20th
  • In Hull on Tuesday, Sept 25th
  • Max of 12 delegates on each workshop

(These are my last 1-day workshops in 2018.)

Content will include:
  • Universal principles of persuasion / influence and how to use them
  • ‘People buy people’ – easy to say, but what can we do to enhance the chances of people ‘buying’ us?
  • The structure of an effective sales process
  • What exactly is a ‘feature’ and what is a ‘benefit’? Why is it important to know? What about ‘attractions’ – how do you use those?
  • How to clarify whether your prospect has a need for your product / service
  • How to build the perception of the need (for your product / service) in the mind of your prospect
  • How to sell ‘value’
  • How to reduce objections – including ‘price’
  • Closing the sale
The delegate fee is £295+VAT
Please contact me austen@sellingisaskill.co.uk to book yourself a seat or give me a ring on 07783030223 if you want more info


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