Skill or effort?

How do you know how effective your sales team is if you don’t measure what they do as well as their results? If you only measure the results (i.e. sales) you might know that Bob usually sells twice as much as Janet. But what if you measured what they did as well as their results and discovered that Bob (your ‘top’ salesperson)  was seeing 40 prospects per month to generate his normal tally of 4 sales and Janet was seeing just 10 prospects each month to generate 3 sales? Whilst Bob might be working harder, it would appear that Janet has much more sales ability. Not only that, Bob (as a result of lack of sales skills) may be ‘burning’ good prospects.

What you need to do is break your sales process down and measure the activity of your sales people i.e. what they DO in order to start to be able to assess their effectiveness. As a result you will have a far better understanding as to which parts of the sales process any sales training would need to focus on

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