Go wild!

Quick show of hands – how many of you will be aiming for an increase in sales volumes next year? I reckon that’s the vast majority of you.

Quick show of hands (the last one, I promise) – how many of you are investing in sales training next year and (here’s the kicker) already have the sales training sessions booked? Gosh that’s a much lower number of you. Fancy that.  🙂

So let me get this right…..  You’re aiming for an increase in sales volumes next year.  (Tick) But you haven’t yet booked any sales training – because you’re still thinking about that right? But you’re not still thinking about whether you want more sales or not? Can you not see the flaw in that thinking? Mmm, must be me. I can see you’ve thought this through AND made a decision, wow – you’ve decided you definitely want more sales next year. Well done you. Good decision. It’s becoming clearer by the second why you’re running a sales team.

So if you do go wild and actually invest in some sales training, (steady, maybe you should lie down) you’ll get it booked as early as possible in the new year right? Why? Well just to give your team a better chance than that of the proverbial ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ of increasing the sales volumes from that which they’ve achieved this year. After all….selling is a skill

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