Closing techniques? Gosh you’re so 1980’s

Back in the 80’s and even the 90’s, your ‘skill’ as a salesperson was measured in how many closing techniques you knew. But that was then – when selling was different for all kinds of reasons e.g. information was available to the seller, not the customer and so it gave the seller power. That power has shifted.
‘Closing’ today should be no more complex than the barista in Starbucks asking “Small or large?”  When you answer that question, you’re placing an order – you know it and the barista knows it.
But if your product or service is more complex than a cup of coffee, you have to earn the right to ask for the sale. That’s where the skill in selling is today and that is how you should measure your ability. How good are you at putting yourself in the position where you can ask a simple question such as “So when do you want to take delivery of the XYZ?” or “When do you want us to start working on that for you?” and the answer means, you’ve got the order?


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