Selling face-to-face in the age of the internet

It seems there’s a new number being bandied around – 57{4c34c383679c11c60a7fc94102652f4f4cbc80d9ff04e714274bee7babf30ca1}. In B2B sales, 57{4c34c383679c11c60a7fc94102652f4f4cbc80d9ff04e714274bee7babf30ca1} of the sale has already taken place apparently by the time the prospect meets the seller. The reason? Self diagnosing. To some extent we all do it don’t we by using the internet? Some of us even self diagnose our health problems right? (And how often do people come to a wrong decision and think they’re far more ill than they actually are?)

And what if your prospect has self-diagnosed wrongly and is in danger of making a poor buying decision but it is one that means that you will make a sale? Would you allow them to buy? Surely not. But how do you manage that situation without antagonising the prospect and without them thinking that you’re just trying to make a bigger sale, especially if the correct buying decision means the customer should be spending more than their self diagnosis has led them to believe? Doing that requires a skill that most salespeople don’t have. If your sales people wouldn’t know how to manage that situation, talk to us on 07783030223

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