July 7th!! 1-Day Essential Sales Skills Workshop in Lincoln

Want to improve your “conversion” rate and thereby increase your sales volumes and profitability? If your company has less than 6 people, book them on to this workshop (which will have a maximum of 12 delegates) which will be on Thursday, July 7th at the Double Tree Hilton, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

The workshop will cover (as the title suggests) most of the key challenges we all face when trying to convert potential customers in to paying ones such as:
  • What should your ‘sales process’ look like?
  • How do you identify the client’s real need?
  • How do you build the value of your solution (in your client’s mind)? 
  • How do you create urgency (to buy) in the client?
  • How do you increase the financial value of your average ‘sale’
  • Becoming more effective at cross-selling and up-selling
  • Understanding how to use the ‘features and benefits’ 
  • Closing (of course!) aka getting the contract / signing the deal etc 

The delegate fee is £250 (+VAT) and it comes with a guarantee – if you don’t feel you’ve learned something that will help you increase sales, email us the next day and we’ll give you your money back. No quibble, no debate.

Email us now at enquiries@sellingisaskill.co.uk or ring us on 01507 328557 or 07783030223 to book or for answers to any questions you have about the workshop.

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