Covid 19 making selling, tougher than ever?

If your business is one of the vast majority and is finding sales harder than ever to get out of your pipeline and over the line, what are you going to DO about it? Shout louder at the sales team? Yeah, that’ll help. Cheap solution too. Good luck with that. Why don’t you threaten ’em with a hammer while you’re at it? That’ll cost you nothing too – everybody owns a hammer right?

Here’s a thought – as the market you and your sales people are working in is perhaps the toughest you’ve ever seen, doesn’t it make sense to HELP them by investing in developing their sales skills?

I run a 2-day, Essential Sales Skills Workshop for a max of 12 people, twice a year. My next one is on Tues & Wed the 13th & 14th of October at the Double Tree Hilton in Lincoln, LNY 1YW

Selling is a skill

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